Day 4

Today is day four of my lifestyle CHANGE (day two of eating healthy). I went to the grocery store last night and bought only healthy foods. The items in my grocery cart consisted of …
coconut oil, sunflower, chia and flax seeds, lots of veggies, berries, beef, chicken, quinoa, brown rice and natural peanut butter.

Yesterday was my first day sugar, salt, wheat and dairy free. Today was my first day adding A LOT of veggies into my meals. Even though I don’t look different yet, I sure do feel different. I feel much more confident because I know that I am being the best me I can be. I know that I am putting healthy foods into my body. I even feel less stressed than I usually do. Probably because my happiness and positivity is outweighing everything else. 🙂

During my downtime yesterday, I watched a documentary. For all of my Netflix addicts (so basically everyone) if you are looking for a motivational video, I highly recommend Hungry For Change.  I really enjoyed this documentary, and I loved the way they explained everything so that it was very easy to understand. One of my favorite quotes from this documentary is “We are not eating food anymore. We are eating food like products.”Dr. Alejandro Junger
I don’t know about you, but that one sentence put everything into prospective for me. I thought “wow. that is so true. what have I been putting in my body? and why do I put it into my body?” Hungry For Change gave me that extra push to really say no to sugars and processed foods.


Some of your favorite foods can be transformed into healthier versions. As I said before, I loooove hamburgers. I do not know why I had never thought of this before, but instead of eating a burger on a bun, I just wrap it in lettuce. I promise you that you will not be missing out! It tastes just the same! I was skeptical at first, just like I know you are too, but I can now say that I will never eat a hamburger with a bun ever again! 🙂
Another yummy food is brown rice with coconut oil and lots of cilantro! (no salt) Even my kiddos like it. It is fun to experiment and find new health foods that you can be proud to say you made. 🙂

My before photo

Tonight, I am posting my “before” photo that I took a few days ago. In a few months, I will  post an update photo and so on.
I am so excited for this journey, and I am grateful for everyone’s support! If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, there is no time like the present! (Below I have posted a photo that I found on google. It will help you get started, so that you will be on your way to a new, improved and healthy you!)

In honor of Hungry For Change, I will end with this…
“As I improved my diet, I started to learn to love myself- probably for the first time ever.” Frank Ferrante




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