Back to square one

It’s been awhile! I fell off the wagon and started eating like crap again. Once I lose control, I am done for. I really am an addict. A sugar addict. A food addict. A comfort food addict. Whatever you want to name it, it’s all the same. I know my last post talked about having trouble eating healthy at someone else’s home. Well, that is pretty much what happened. I stayed at a family members home, and we pretty much went out to eat and ordered food every night (because that is what they do every day) and I could not avoid temptation! The thought of a juicy cheeseburger and fries was all I needed to give in to temptation. It’s always the same story. “One more yummy greasy meal won’t hurt”… Well, when you add that up to five yummy, greasy meals, that is a lot of weight you’re putting on. So then comes my thought.. is it worth it? Is that one food that is your down fall really even worth it? Is taking a bite of that cheeseburger or that slice of pizza more important than your health, or fitting into that tight shorts this summer? It really isn’t. So why do we continue to make these bad decisions?! Whatever the reason, it needs to stop. I need to learn to be stronger than that. Giving in is not worth it.

I am pretty sure I have already mentioned that I had lost about 20 LBS a couple Winters ago. It was amazing!!! I felt so great about myself and I went down a couple pants sizes! I bought two pairs of size 11 jeans from Hollister – only one size up from the size I use to wear- and a pair of cute black and white shorts from Target. I was so excited about my new pants, and I couldn’t wait to keep losing weight and fitting into even smaller clothes. Well, as usual, I fell off the wagon. Gave into temptation. In less than a year, a gained all of that weight back. Plus some. Those cute little shorts don’t even button, and they are so tight on my legs. I’m not even sure how they fit me before. The Hollister jeans won’t even go up past my butt. I’m not sure how I fit in those either. Every time I try those pants on, it reminds me how much I failed myself. Imagine where I could be right now if I would have kept it up! If I would have continued to eat healthy and work out! I would look incredible right now!! That is the kind of thing that keeps me motivated. Maybe I should just hang those shorts on the wall to remind myself that I can get back to that size… and smaller! I think I will give that a shot. Try some visual motivational photos and items. 🙂
I posted a picture above (on the left is me after I lost the 20lbs. The photo on the right is me now.)


So there you have it. This will be my hundredth time trying again. I guess I need to take it slow. Take it one day at a time. Keep myself motivated, and never give into temptation. Let’s see how this goes.
I am going to look up some new recipes and make a well thought out, healthy grocery list and head to the store. Thank you for reading. 🙂


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